Equipment Vendors

Wasco understands that an effective financing partner can be extremely valuable to your company by allowing you to focus on selling your equipment. By working closely with each vendor partner, we develop and implement a program that eliminates a customer’s financial barrier to the equipment purchase

Simplified Credit Approval
Wasco’s ability to venture away from traditional credit models towards an “out of the box” credit process allows us to approve transactions typically rejected by other lenders.

Flexible Payment Choices
By offering seasonal, deferred and step-up payment plans, Wasco can offer a leasing structure just right for your cash flow.

Innovative Structuring
With research skills in-house, your Wasco staff will have a good insight into each transaction and address any areas that may be deal breakers. We make every effort to understand the customer’s business, equipment and special needs.

Customer Service Representative
A customer service rep is available at all times to offer assistance on all aspects of the transaction from start to finish.

Individualized Service
To help make your job of selling equipment easier, simply provide us with your client’s contact name and number and we’ll do the rest!


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